Bolder is the technological platform that combines AI, structured data and human value; to provide the best experience to patients around the world.

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Bolder was born from our experience within the health system and the needs of our strategic allies. It is a flexible and innovative tool that connects all the key actors in only one place.

What's in it for you at Bolder?

Bolder is the ecosystem that allows you to centralize your patients' medical record, integrating it with your PACS,diagnostic system with structured report, screening with artificial intelligence and patient navigation in only one

  • Issue on disintegrated systems in the centers.

  • Manual Work and tendency to errors and inefficiencies.

Bolder generates statistics on the diagnosis of patients, treatments, lifestyle, resources, risks, economic context and psychological situation of society to shed light on the needs of the healthcare system and on the patients' specific treatments.

  • Increasing the ROI of investigations carried out.

  • Reduce time to treatment by providing the proper treatment accordingly to what each patient needs.

Bolder is a flexible platform that can be combined according to the needs of each client, being it either a center, clinic or pharma.

Bolder is all in only one place!

Easy conection
and implementation

Reports and analytics
in real-time

AI throughout the entire
patient journey

100% Traceability
and data safety
(HIPAA & GDPR compliant)

How do we generate value?


Turnkey solution and
internationally scalable.


Big time reduction from
screening to treatment


Patients navegation to guarantee
their access to diagnosis
and customized treatment


Data generation, centralization
and reporting.

We combine technology and human value

to guarantee a time reduction from screening to treatment, providing the best patient experience


Integration with devices
and medical equipment


Trained technical personnel
in warmth and empathy
to support the patients


Patient follow-up during
the whole Patient Journey

Designed under international standards

Service Models

Bolder as a Service
Clinics and Centers. NGOs
  • Digital Platform Licensing
  • Diagnostic Module: teleradiology and structured reports
  • Follow-up Module: PRM (Patient Relationship Management) and structured navigation
Access & Navigation
  • Screening Program and Patients' Follow-up
  • Telediagnosis, patient follow-up and bypass through allies' network


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Contact from Strategic Alliances

Camila de Phampilis
Chief Data & Patient Experience Officer
Germán Rodriguez
Chief Technology Officer
Santiago Gisbert
Telediagnosis Business Development Manager